• $59.99


This new kind of CarLashes® uses thirty-two heavy duty all-weather industrial snap fasteners. These fasteners keep your lashes securely attached under all driving conditions.

1 Pair of New SNAP-ON CLASSIC CarLashes® (BLACK or PINK)
CLASSIC can be upgraded to any style lash using the LASH STYLE pull down menu for an up-charge
1 Pair Base Fastener Strips (only one pair per vehicle required)
1 Adhesion Promotor Kit (for maximum adhesion of Base Fastener Strips)


Now you can match your mood, your special occasion, or even your ombre hair! Over a dozen styles and colors to choose from. Swap from one style and color of CarLashes® to another in a snap!

NOTE: You get one pair of CarLashes with this starter set. Additional SNAP-ON CarLashes INTER-CHANGE-ABLE styles and colors available separately.


About CarLashes®

You are now entering the formerly forbidden "Man-Zone" of car accessories. Move over mud flaps and racing stripes and say hello to eyelashes for your car! CarLashes® turn the daily drab of driving into a fun and fashionable, feel-good (even emotional) adventure.

Since exploding online in 2010, CarLashes® have gone from a girly trend to a diva necessity. Ladies have traditionally had few options for customizing their vehicles--and after all, ladies have serious purchasing power. Women buy more than half of the new cars in the U.S. and influence up to 85 percent of all car purchases. Sure, women may seek a practical ride that fits their needs and lifestyle, but they also crave a little bling … and a lot of fun.